august twenty-sixth, 2014

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omg i’ve been posting a lot lately… last week of summer is always more busy than the entire three months

list formation bc i’m lazy, sorry

  • workout at raintree. it was horrible. 1 partial lap around the perimeter of raintree park (maybe around 1200m), 4x800, run back to athens as cool down. it was terrible; i didn’t meet any of my goal times (3:50) and it was super hot & humid and i wanted to vomit and i felt heavy and ugheragdkjf;kj legit about to cry
  • too many mosquitoes please i am not your personal blood eatery
  • i took a cold shower. felt so nice. usually i am weak and make the water warmer halfway through, but this time i didn’t bc i was ded x.x
  • went to the library! omg every single time i go there i always check out sequels -______-
  • saw newton!! so exciting. newt is legit my role model, seriously. i wish i could read that many books in like a week
  • went to the pastors’ barbecue at the yee residence! mmmm homemade salsa so good. ahhhhh such good food i just indulged bc y’know workout
  • i just read… so bad LOL we played contact and james’s word was ‘philanthropist’ but he was like “my word is medical” james pls
  • est braided my hair!!! 5 strand!
  • image
  • went home and read split second (sequel to pivot point! go read it)
  • went to xc at 4pm. so hot. we went inside and did stair exercises and intense stretching LOL
  • huge thunderstorm; so glad i made it home before it started pouring ptl. finished split second! ahhhhh so cute
  • ate a small dinner & played piano; rn doing nothing uerugh

august twenty-fifth, 2014

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  • woke up at 7:40 for xc; it was super humid and hot. we went to bloomer and ran about 30; went on a bread run afterward! olivia ytb <3 tytyty for spotting me
  • did some lotf worksheets; almost done ptl
  • jen came over! she helped me bleach my hair <3 thank you so much omg ytb x100
  • played piano
  • the mother took me to sarah’s house! i picked up some string LOL and mardi gras beads for red alert
  • 4pm practice! went to the weight room for the first time. gonna be super sore tomorrow… but maybe not bc i went in the ice bath <3 i love the ice bath
  • ate dinner
  • tonight’s plans were really complicated; i did some psat before betha picked me up to crash ted & jo. ted drove us to 7/11 except the slurpee machine was broken LOL so sad
  • crashed nick’s house AHAHHAA we rang the doorbell and then took selfies when he opened the door
  • crashed shanon’s house but couldn’t stay for very long bc betha had engagements at 9 :(
  • went back to the du residence. betha drove to pick up robby first bc he was closer; we had a good talk. a lot to digest; we always have good talks, and i really really appreciate them. betha ytb
  • robby switched with betha and drove me home… he almost ran a blatant red light omg hyperventilating
  • nothing
it didn&#8217;t turn out as orange as i thought it would be!
it&#8217;s actually kinda golden :O


it didn’t turn out as orange as i thought it would be!

it’s actually kinda golden :O

i go through severe sibling withdrawal every time i am left behind

august twenty-third, 2014

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today was an okay day. it started out really well! and ended really well! but the middle part wowzers.

anyway, woke up! at 10 betha picked me to go to firefighters park for senior pictures <3 we went to all three bridges, a small field, two benches, the playground, the yellow firetruck, the swing set, and the bathroom. 2 gorgeous 2 handle

umm went home and ate a really extended lunch LOL tried to edit betha’s pictures and the stm video

est picked me up! we picked up krystal too and went to oasis. derped around.. and then we worked on the photo slideshow and the video and worship team practice and yeah chicago stm sharing day whooooo

uh this is the part where things went downhill LOL i was in the av booth and i was trying to get out and i tripped over my laptop cord and it came crashing down and fell to the floor… and then my earphones actually cracked and now they’re broken so i need to get a new one. so sad. it’s like crooked and there’s this crack and the little metal part where you plug it in (idk what it’s called) is bent so sad so sad

also my laptop plug prong thing was bent too. and then my laptop crashed and i almost got a virus but it’s ok (key word is almost) bc i’m p sure i didn’t and it was rly slow and it was rly weird bc like you know those semi-transparent documents with the “$$@$#!@%” symbols after them?! or the .ini documents?! they started showing up… so weird and then like after i restarted it i went online and on every single social media website i was logged out… and it didn’t even remember any of my passwords (gmail, yahoo, facebook, tumblr, goodreads, spotify) so weird ://////////

struggled through worship practice

during set 1, i worked on the video -____- i’m always bad

and then we were uploading both videos (the slideshow and typical day video) to youtube and it literally took like an hour… so we shared instead

set 2! missions team… i’m bad at keyboard and i also forgot to transpose erugh it was rough

the typical day at stm video was still uploading and we tried to move it via usb and then an external drive to the presentation mac but bc apple isn’t compatible with anything the file didn’t work… -____- so we just had to wait for the youtube upload to finish

set 3 was back to the original worship team <3 all was well. God is good.

it finally uploaded… showed it to oasis so ghetto LOL probably judged really hard

it was like 9 so kenneth told us to split into sgs, but only felix and him split (hannah / sarah, amy, newton were absent) and so the rest of us just sorta milled around. my fave rochester people came!! LOLOL jkjk just mel. mel ilu pls visit me

edit: my fave non-oasis rochester people. tedderz and jdu reserve the spot for fave rochester people. shanzzz is up there on the list too!!

i like flitted around and didn’t really talk to anyone :’( omg today i found out that jordan is will’s brother… mindblown

everyone just upped and left <///////3 i didn’t even notice they all just left D: so sad didn’t get to say bye to anyone :’((((((((((((((((

rn i’m at home and i’m editing betha’s senior photos and the sibs are home and i love my fam

um tomorrow i think i’m bleaching my hair so exciting

omg so sorry for this post :( super poor grammar, poor references, poor organization, poor description, poor everything please forgive me

august twenty-second, 2014

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xc! time trial at firefighters park… LOL my mom drove me. yesterday i was biking and this car had to swerve around me bc can’t build up momentum fast enough to cross and i felt really bad.. and then i was biking home and i was on the sidewakl and i almost mowed down kendra omg don’t go near me when i’m on the bike

i also almost fell off when i saw christine LOL i’m just rly bad at biking

went to my piano lesson except i went straight from the speed session and i smelled really bad and it was really disgusting

went home and showered i love showers

i just ate a lot and then i don’t know what i did.. organized my computer files LOL

at like fourish i went to einstein bagels with my mom! mother daughter talk. just talked about our summers :O

she sent me to firefighters park (omg i’ve been there too many times.. wednesday & thursday morning, this morning and this afternoon, and i’m gonna be there tomorrow morning too) for chicago stm filming! much fun

i need to buy another camera battery


went home and i had to bike to athens for xc good thing it was a captain’s practice bc i was 20 minutes late. ran to costello and found out we were playing capture the flag and we played two games for like 1.5 hours not worth i shoulda stayed home

ate dinner

cleaned up my computer some more. gotta finish lotf

"Stress is often caused by seeing what needs to be done and seeing what is not done. So to close this gap, some of us become perfectionists. We become high-stress because of a need to make things perfect, even when we know it’s killing us.

Then stress becomes a means to conform reality to our desire, as if stress will somehow bend things into shape. While there is such a thing as “good stress” (called eustress in psychology), most likely we feel distress. There might be a death-grip for control that you’ll need to let go of each day.

Let’s accept some imperfection. It’s absolutely right to strive for your best, but we’re called to trust God with the results. When I let go of expecting perfect results, that actually cuts most of my anxiety immediately. It also allows me to love people for who they are instead of how I’m trying to mold them.

I can stop trying to squeeze everything into my will. I can let go of stressing myself into a twitchy neurotic mess. I can repent from the hostility of being so controlling. If God is in control – and He is – then I don’t have to be. Since He’s good and all-knowing and He loves me, then when things go bad, He’s still good, and He will work it out for my good. It does not mean I won’t be stressed, but it does mean that no matter how stressed I am, He’s still in control."

J.S. from this post  (via jspark3000)

august twenty-first, 2014

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xc practice at 8; went to firefighters (again) and sort of jogged / walked the course. it was super rough. it was really overgrown and it was humid and there was this dead animal in the creek

spent like an hour discussing strategies and stuff

went home and made myself some brunch; updated my music library (namely downloaded a bunch of tswift songs)

um played piano. then i went to art! currently i’m drawing a bicycle in front of a brick wall :O colored pencils!

went to buy some plumcots (plums + apricots apparently) but they taste like plums… i bought some bleach from sally’s! i think i might ombre my hair next week :O

ate dinner; tried to do some wall squats i’m so weak

uh idk what i did but i like visited the xc website and updated my info and like i was gonna do apush but i didn’t -_______________-

omg so my parents are making me do a SECOND psat book and idk and i tried to tell them that it doesn’t count if i take the psat in 10th grade?? according to people i asked. arghalflfj

lotf is due sunday and i’m like… 1/4 through lol

have to finish apush. and lotf. and life of pi, bc i no longer own the bell jar. and precalc packet. and psat.

xc is so time consuming two practices a day are you kidding me

also i’m so indecisive about the spiritwear and the forms are due tomorrow brb crying

why does it feel like i have so many friends the last two weeks of summer… everything is happening now

i’m also being attacked by these bugs that keep flying through the window screen smh pls stahp

can’t handle life

august nineteenth, 2014

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woke up at 8… oops

played some piano; went to registration with aud at 9! took us an hour LOL

i got all the classes i wanted, but not the teachers.. sigh. kinda upset that i don’t have english with aud this year :( broke our four year streak… also i got flessa for apush and of the two apush teachers flessa is not as great but i mean he continues my series of not so great history teachers (herberholz, cracium, schmidt, schoonover).

went home… tried to run 3 miles and instead ran 1.5

est took me to church for worship team hangout / practice! kenneth, newton, shanon, ann, jenny, and i went to jersey mikes for lunch. so good <3 except kenneth just went without buying any food -__- smh

worship practice! lucy and krystal and hannah came :D

shanon went home with me… and i remembered that i forget to get a senior picture from ann ANN

chilled for like 2 hours. study date!! apush & ap chem

hannah came over and brought ice cream and sausages :D i steamed some sunday bento leftovers and shanon and i fried some potstickers and then everyone started coming and i showed them all the juice in my freezer and we managed to finish one can of juice so proud :’)

missions meeting for the upcoming sharing! ah, memories <3 also general fun. there was a lot of food and a lot of planning

hannah had to go :( and then we filmed the kooncha clip.. so good hani pls don’t be mad when you see it LOL

facetimed manuel & co!! SUPER ADORABLE omg meli <3333333

hung with jack bc we’re bffffffffffffffffffffs jk his mom had to pick him up but i think she was watching kdramas which is why she arrived later?!?!

made more juice. also i have to go to sleep but idk

take a look around the world, and you realize that people can so easily forget others are human, too.

august seventeenth, 2014

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i wonder how many of you guys actually read my posts… LOL sorry

uh woke up to go running with est! it was really nice. we had a good talk about a variety of things and did an actual lamb run, although i sorta walked on the third mile back into the sub

showered & got dressed & went to church

hung out with shanon & joni in the heater room; i reviewed my psat

refresh! man i suck at keys but w/e; Mr. Sun talked about food; didn’t really pay attention :/ short sg

gave out some of the senior baked goods! LOL so bad <///3

went home with ted and jdu and became a du. played stories with holes and stopped by little caesar’s for pizza; they cut it really bad such a struggle

fruit mmmmmmmmm

teddy went to the adams xc car wash and idek what joanne and i did. we ate ice cream out of the carton

went to safari! IT WAS SUPER NICE like i wish we could trade raintree and jaycee for it

photoshoot. joanne is gorgeous. so jealous. ok.

sarah and yimeng’s grad party! my camera battery died :( but it’s ok bc est is the most wonderful person ever and picked up my charger for me thank you so much <3 played ers for a little while. the du trio went on a run down the block LOLOL joanne and i were barefoot (i was in a dress and she was in a skirt) and we were gonna visit claire he but apparently she lived half a mile away… which is half a mile back, so we just ran back to yimeng’s house. i wasn’t hungry though :( i ran bc i wanted to eat more ahaha

organized a euchre tournament amid a balloon fight; except i’m so bad and jimmy was my partner and we were playing against teddy and andrew and i got us euched three times in a row… don’t play euchre with me so sad

went to lighthouse with est! met up with a bunch of people. jim’s last sermon :( at least i finished up the galatians series! just have to post about it now

chilled for about an hour outside and talked within the huge group :D

went home and idk what i did 

anyway. things i have learned today:
always bring your camera&#8217;s battery charger everywhere you go
remember to give baked goods to seniors the day you&#8217;re supposed to
please learn from my mistakes


anyway. things i have learned today:

  • always bring your camera’s battery charger everywhere you go
  • remember to give baked goods to seniors the day you’re supposed to

please learn from my mistakes

august sixteenth, 2014

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hands down one of the BEST days of my entire summer.

woke up at 7 bc i had a stomachache; went running at 8 with esther (it was sort of a lamb run but not really) and then i was dying and then i went home and worked on the vine for like 3 hours

this is really bad but this is actually probably the first time i’ve ever finished a vine before noon on the saturday it comes out LOL

this issue is probably the best i’ve ever been part of. please, PLEASE read it

i had lunch, and then i worked on some last minute senior letters LOL

did some psat; played piano

the sad thing was that i couldn’t go kayaking and barbecuing with sam + est + christine + randy + jordan + kenneth + dante and i was actually really disappointed :(

krystal came around 4:15ish to bake! we made cookies from a package and had to borrow an egg from my neighbor.. awk

went to kroger to buy eggs; came back and made cookie cupcakes! oops it was kinda bad bc no cupcake tins… #yoloswag

anyway. turns out at oasis i forget to give them to the seniors -_____- crying bc i promised and i forgot

oasis! a couple people commented on my earrings :DD tytyty!! also, matching with krissy and jdu!

senior worship <3 i met eric! ann was angry at me bc i put both her photo and richard parker for her poem LOLOL #sorrynotsorry

the senior video! ted you missed it the song was stay stay stay :’( and then baby pictures so cute

sharing! it was actually surprising, bc a lot of people drew inspiration for what they were talking about from their vine articles! it’s nice, knowing that i could somehow help.

more worship! and then brent had a really short sermon from 2 Timothy and i went to the av booth bc i was like “maybe i should” and then i ended up not really listening to brent :(

afterward, we prayed for the seniors. and somewhere was the “true love waits” and the purity talk.. i forget when oops

and then we had a chicago stm sharing meeting! and then i had to go print vine and teach newt and krys and then i came back and i was officially welcomed to the core team! (refresh sg leader, refresh worship team, oasis a/v) and then i tried to eat some pasta bc dinner y’know and then i took a lot of pictures with everyone and everybody kept photobombing

and then i sorta walked around. i didn’t really have the chance to talk to a lot of people :( i gave out senior letters! and then ann stopped being mad at me (whew)!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ann ilu 2 the moon & back <3

uh decided against going to red robins; est took me home (like always)! we took noah home too.

gonna miss the seniors so so so much. :( oasis is not going to be the same.


ummmmmmmmm idk what to say we’re the coolest

top row: krys & i pretending we’re in the same photo as newt

second row: krys & i trying to look like newt

bottom row: uh