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i woke up when my dad had to leave for the airport at 6am and then i woke up again at like 7:50 and then i woke up again at 9 and then i got out of bed at sometime between 9 and 10

i don’t remember what i did… i think i ate watermelon?!?!! and i read one of my sequel books LOL and i believe i did my last minute packing

christine picked me up at 12 to go to the oasis picnic!! food so good

i sorta just sat around and there was this group of people who went over to the courts to play some volleyball / soccer?! and there were people on the swings and then there was this group of people playing big two. i just sat with sam and christine

i didn’t really do anything, oops

went home with hannah! we went to jo-anns (is that how it’s supposed to look like) and we bought string and then we went to target and then we went to my house to drop of a few things and pick up a few things and then we went to hannah’s house and then we left for the birmingham street sale

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i told myself i would never take these kinds of pictures…

it was a good day (2 of ASSOC2017 sleepover)


  • somerset; walked around a lot = burned lots of calories (right?!?!)
  • saw betha + edward!
  • went to forever21 and bought a skirt for $6.80!! also this really soft purple scarf
  • starbucks so good but too much to handle
  • skipped coins in the fountain :D
  • jen came today!
  • beauty parlor fun
  • i played maplestory at 3:30am bc no lag y’know
  • it is currently 4:48am and i’m not tired… which is really surprising

jen is da bomb dot com

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dedicated to joanne

might be a little troll bc i’m tired


  • church picnic! i woke up at like 10 and then off we went
  • food was actually pretty okay. so yum
  • it started drizzling :( all the guys kept playing soccer though but i went inside. i made ann teach me some keyboard LOL bc i had to lead refresh on sunday and it was really grueling bc i couldn’t find the chords fast enough what a struggle
  • people came in and started to play resistance
  • i jammed out and kenneth joined me bc he also was going to lead
  • helped move the chairs and tables
  • went home; i probably mapled but i don’t remember :(
  • i do remember making nick’s cd in 10 minutes before bethany came to pick me up for occ LOL
  • betha and jdu helped to decorate the cd case once we were at occ! fun fun and then there was worship and then afterward we played mingle
  • it was so rough i was grabbed like 5 times and then i was ditched in succession
  • anyway. brady wasn’t there, so we watched a chancis fran video!!! according to jimmy and ryan. it was on the topic of courage; not many things were applicable except for the double life, and only then it was a maybe.
  • afterward we played nertzzzzzzz with teams! whoooo shanon
  • at one point my toes started to cramp over each other and it actually hurt so much and i tried to walk it off but they weren’t uncramping… also apparently lots of people were taking selfies with my cam LOL
  • betha drove me home. such fruitful, genuine conversation <3 so glad for the people God has placed in my life

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i have a lot of trust.

and i hope it stays that way.

the thing is, even if i know you’re lying to me, i’ll still give you the benefit of doubt, because you’re my friend. and because i value your ideas above mine. when people question my friends, i’m always a little confused, because i believe that they would never lie to me.

my opinions are also very versatile because of the different viewpoints i hear and i accept as truth; and i’m hoping that i’ll still be open to different stances in ten years.

trust has come so easily to me, and it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that other people trust so little because they’ve been hurt in the past. so. hoping nothing will ever destroy what i have right now.

my brother came home briefly today
  • him: (sees me playing maplestory) what a noob. don't you remember i asked you to play with me before and you said no!?!!!?
  • him: tell sam i miss him <///3
  • him: i'm eating these european cookies
  • me: what?!
  • him: i'm eating these european cookies
  • me: ok good bc next time you come home they might not be there anymore
  • him: is that a threat
  • him: c'mon gimme a hug before i leave
  • him: i'm waiting
  • me: look!! i got a leather jacket just like yours!!!!
  • him: ok

life is pretty hard…


even after all these years,

we just now got the feeling

that we’re meeting

for the first time

finished the bottom bridge part
finishing touches on the buildings
the right side building
~2 hours


  • finished the bottom bridge part
  • finishing touches on the buildings
  • the right side building


  • ~2 hours

message me and i will do the same to you LOL

it will be legit


  • finished the water and the fireworks
  • worked on bridging the opposite sides
  • did more of the buildings


  • ~2 hours and 15 minutes

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i woke up at 9:30 today. i was supposed to run & play piano this morning LOL ah well. patricia came at 10! and off to plato’s we went

today was the start of the huge clearance sale. this couple literally bought like 50 pairs of jeans o_______o i saw the guy just pluck the clearance jeans off the rack and i just sort of helplessly stood there

but i got a leather jacket for $8!!!! one step closer to being a biker!!!!!!!!!! omg LOL if you don’t know one day i aspire to become part of a biker gang and i’m going to wear all black. black jeans with chains (so bad) and doc martens (too much $$$$ though) and my leather jacket and i’m going to get tattoos and shave my head

afterward my dad dropped off patricia and we went to olive garden. i was actually against the idea bc you know xc and all but he made a really good point. my mom is in taiwan for 3 weeks and this will be the only chance i have of eating good restaurant food and livin’ da lyfe

visited tjmaxx and sally’s afterward. nothing.

went home! i mapled LOL um i leveled from 70 to 80 so rough. romeo and juliet pq with strangers ugh grinding

went to dq. so bad. my dad ordered a medium turtle pecan blizzard and i ordered a medium oreo blizzard

went home and i was actually really proud of myself bc i ran 2 miles in the sub. 18:25! probably more though. i ran pretty steady 9 minutes eh not too bad but still pretty bad :’(

went home and did more of the puzzle! it’s shaping up quite nicely :)

played piano at 11 LOL oops

idk what happened from midnight until now

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  • i got to go, i always got to go
  • refresh! i pounded out 4 senior letters whooo
  • i led worship with shanon. cornerstone and majesty! i couldn’t read some of the lyrics bc my eyes are really bad and also it was kind of dark and so i like didn’t come in sometimes and i sang the wrong lyrics oops LOL so bad never again
  • turns out it was sg day… we went to the park. hannah and i took on all of the girls and we joined forces with jack’s sg and played lava tag. so fun. teddy missed out though.. bc he was TEACHING HIS KIDS HOW TO PLAY RESISTANCE smh
  • it was so hot though ;-; afterward everyone left to go get food so i had some chinese lunchbox (so sorry for this wording) and then i wasn’t really hungry and i just lounged around and pretended not to be the loser i really was bc no one was there
  • kenneth came! and then wenjing a yi also came and we went into the first room. teddy and jeremy came later on. we talked about maplestory LOLOL
  • missions meeting! fun stuff
  • i had this idea where our shirts would have 8 salt shakers and 2 lamps to represent our group and teddy said we should put “follow the light” on the back. it was terrific
  • had actually a really good talk with hannah! we were both waiting for our fathers LOL but we talked about a range of things. so glad.
  • i ended up going home at like 4:15ish
  • instead of playing piano i played maplestory oops
  • dinner at panera! it’s actually pretty expensive
  • lighthouse! galatians 3; worship was awesome as usual, and also i really enjoyed the sermon this time. go check out churchesoftroy bc i posted about it!!!
  • waited outside with sam and betha. they’re like my fave sibs and they’re so fun(ny)
  • i told my dad about it and he was like, “huh. funny, bc galatians 3:11-14 is the hardest passage in the Bible.” apparently if you read very closely it seems as if paul is contradicting himself, but my dad said to not worry about it bc you only pick up on that if you go into theology lols and paul got the main point across anyway
  • i don’t really remember what happened from then until now. psat?!?!?!?! probably. also some maple LOL i’m addicted gotta stop
  • tomorrow is going to be a stress-free day. jk.

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the word shaker



she lives the poetry she cannot write.

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