April 12 2014, 05:07 PM

presented with no further comment


presented with no further comment

April 11 2014, 09:45 PM

personal points to ponder

  • harry potter has now ascended to become my favorite book series (i’m on book #6)
  • freaking out about the vine because 1.) no one has signed up to be an editor, 2.) i don’t know what to do for the baptism spotlight
  • disappointed because no one even reads the vine (except for literally like 5 people except actually people do read the vine and people are the best and so it is actually 6 as of now)
  • procrastinated on my spring break assignment for english -__-
  • i haven’t finished my testimony yet or my student leadership questionnaire and i also have to remind my dad to fill out my reference form and hopefully Mrs. C sent hers in
  • april 19 is a very busy day because 1.) it’s my brother’s birthday, 2.) it’s baptism day, 3.) it’s speech contest day, 4.) i have to turn in the second payment for the mission trip & the sibs are coming home
  • i’m very annoyed at myself for not working out / exercising this break and i have a game on monday and ugh
  • i really want to order a camera soon but idk which model i want and they’re all so expensive and lenses are even more expensive and it’s so hard
  • still really disappointed when people ignore me / don’t reply to me or see my messages
  • irritated when the small group is unresponsive for attempts at a hangout
  • wishing i had friends who lived in the general vicinity that i could hang with
  • quite happy that i finally reorganized my room and my closet is a lot neater and so is my wardrobe (idk if this can be used figuratively but i’m applying it to my vast amount of clothing)
  • i need to learn restraint when it comes to yummy things like cookies :’( and ice cream
April 08 2014, 10:51 PM

vermilion paint

  1. speak now — taylor swift
  2. make it home — kina grannis & hoodie allen
  3. slow dancing in a burning room — jayme dee
  4. firefly — ed sheeran
  5. unconscious — d at sea
  6. life in letters — lucy schwartz
  7. falling slowly — chester see & savannah outen
  8. i see fire — ed sheeran
  9. sleeping to dream — jason mraz
  10. our july in the rain — he is we
  11. teenage dream [acoustic] — glee cast
  12. let her go — tyler ward & kurt hugo schneider
  13. by the grace of god — katy perry
  14. walls — the rocket summer
  15. forever & always [piano] — taylor swift
  16. gone, gone, gone — savannah outen & jake coco
  17. taylor swift medley — aj rafael & tori kelly
  18. payphone — maroon 5 & wiz khalifa
  19. rough water — travie mccoy & jason mraz
  20. the giving tree [remix] — plain white t’s & tyler ward
  21. we’re on our way — radical face
April 08 2014, 10:26 PM

april eighth, 2014

(page 98 of 365)

oasis girls’ sleepover at shanon’s!! except it ended up being all of hannah/sarah’s sg + esther and we were missing a lot of people :(

but i learned how to make cong you bing from wenjing a yi!! also there was so much great snack food shan your house is the best (cheez its [like white cheddar and this really weirdly shaped orange cheez its] and ferrero rocher and oreos and cong you bing and grapes and cookies) and i probably just threw away any chance of being fit for the rest of the season LOLS no shame

watched harry potter & the chamber of secrets (#2) and it was super anticlimactic and did not follow the book but you know it’s okay bc j. k. rowling is brilliant and no one could ever make a movie as detailed and wonderful as her writing. after that, we started pitch perfect at like 12 LOL so good and wowies i caught so many things i hadn’t before. i must watch the breakfast club now! also we watched deleted scenes / extended version on youtube and it was so great :’)

in the morning we sat around and told scary stories..

great lakes crossing! it was really warm and we were all tired and we all looked like hobos (flip flops and tshirts and sweatshirts and sweatpants legit) and yeah i bought a dress for $10 at windsor! and i also went to dairy queen and i bought a mint oreo blizzard

thank you est so much for chauffeuring us all around <3 also jam sesh to pitch perfect! and just a dream 

yeah and i got home around like 4:30ish

  • if i unfollowed you, i’m really sorry, you can unfollow me too — i’m trying to clean up my dash and i keep seeing things i have no interest in so :<
  • day 2 of cleaning / organizing / redecorating my room and it’s gone very well and i have to organize all my reader’s digest magazines and yeah
  • no motivation to move at all which is really bad
  • also i have poor planning and omg okay i gotta get my act together
  • i really want to read the fifth book of harry potter
April 07 2014, 06:13 PM

april seventh, 2014

(page 97 of 365)

  • i woke up at like 9 ish and so i didn’t go to track practice LOL
  • finished goblet of fire!! omg so good. cornelius fudge is an idiot
  • finished my romeo & juliet packet
  • learned how to make macaroni & cheese today do you know what this means thIS MEANS I WILL BE ABLE TO SURVIVE ONCE I AM IN COLLEGE
  • i started to redecorate my room and in the process i threw away a lot of sticky notes and index cards.. i feel really wasteful but my room is so much cleaner and nicer
  • played piano and flute; i think i might go deaf bc of that high A flat
  • organized a lot of clothes with my mother and yeah
  • today was so productive i’m so proud of myself
  • oasis girls sleepover tonight!!
  • this was really brief but yeah okay time to go pack
April 04 2014, 10:49 PM

april fourth, 2014 (and before)

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  • MONDAY. we tied seaholm 2-2; my team is great in so many ways.
  • WEDNESDAY. we beat adams 2-1; i headed out a potential embarrassing goal! but it didn’t go very far so the girl kicked it in again.. lols
  • so i was planning to go see divergent with friends but LOL we’re so bad at planning so this probs won’t happen D:
  • also hobbit marathon w/ aud & baking party & borrowing of harry potter books
  • also sg sleepover / hangout?!?!!?
  • also i kinda want to go to track practices but 8 in the morning T.T
  • also i have to go to chinese school tomorrow even though spring break :’( dumb speech contest
  • also i have big plans for spring break including trying to figure out which camera to get
  • so we only have 3 kinds of cereal in this house: raisin bran, oatmeal squares, and honey bunches of oats and there is only so much one can handle so i complained to my mother that she should expand her inventory and she replied with a wish for me to have 10 kids each with different food preferences LOLOLOL
  • i miss cocoa puffs :(
  • today! i woke up at 10
  • okay so recently i started the harry potter series and tbh it is my fave series ever and j. k. rowling is brilliant and her writing style is beautiful and omg so there was this one scene i think in prisoner of azkaban where harry is staying at the inn (i forget what it’s called :/) and so the mirror talks to him and harry’s like “i’m NOT going to be murdered” and the mirror is like “that’s the spirit” and i was crying
    also ron calling harry
  • went to salvation army with patricia! i bought really expensive things :(
  • we went to noodles afterward (ugh noodles does not give a lot but they charge you a lot) but fruitful talk!
  • anyway gubs came home this morning and he gave me hello panda (for my birthday!?!??!) anyway we started to load the car and we went to ann arbor
  • baby told me i could help her in art class so babs dropped me off at the police station place and it turned out she was making like a paper mache float thing for a parade on sunday and i helped her paint and decorate her wedding cake w/ eric
  • tk wu! yummy yummy
  • then we went back to the dorms and wowies baby ur room is gorgeous and then i stole a headband (thanks lots of love)
  • yeah
April 01 2014, 10:02 PM

what to believe

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March 30 2014, 09:46 PM

march thirtieth, 2014

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SELFIES BC IT WAS SUCH A NICE DAY my eyes are really squinty

refresh!! i was like “is there pasta” and there was pasta! wowies

um going quick bc i gotta play some piano but anyway brent talked about how nicodemus went to Jesus and Jesus was like “yo dawg u gotta b reborn again” LOL but actually umm i’m weird

and i joined krystal’s sg! we talked about good things. ahhh 6th graders :’)

anyway usually during prayer like no one wants to pray but i suggested prayer circle bc that’s what i remember doing in 6th grade and i liked that way and i was so surprised (in a good way) when three 6th graders prayed! ptl. it was so nice and yeah :)

umm stayed behind to work on chinese school speech / reading contest spreadsheets erugh i’m really dumb i deleted the public school grades bc you don’t need them for the reading contest BUT YOU DO FOR THE SPEECH and i am stupid

so i stayed behind and went to biggby with shan except she was watching harry potter there and i was trying to do my bio debate lols

and yeah! for my belated birthday dinner we went to chung ki wa this really awesome korean / japanese restaurant and we ordered the noodles and omg fave

except the sibs weren’t there :’( AND I MISSED OUT ON THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME TO MEET ANDREW VU MY DAD!!!! ugh so disappointed yeah okay 4 more days we can do this

March 29 2014, 05:47 PM












March 28 2014, 10:59 PM

belated, but anyway.

i’m finally fifteen!! wow does tswift’s song apply to me now HAHAHAHA

wow. so blessed. so many people wished me a happy birthday :) thank you all!

even google had a doodle for my birthday! hehe so cute

March 27 2014, 05:12 PM

today’s my birthday:’)

people are so nice.

so grateful.

March 26 2014, 09:29 PM
We literally just realized this in my English class today, even my teacher didn’t know lolol
the struggle is so real </3
March 26 2014, 07:42 PM

iambicpentamediocre replied to your post:mindblown “judgment” is not actually spelled…

i guess you just had some bad spelling….judgment
omg :’(
March 26 2014, 07:28 PM

mindblown “judgment” is not actually spelled “judgement” wow what

March 23 2014, 08:13 PM

march twenty-second & twenty-third, 2014

(page 81 & 82 of 365)


chinese school man. what is new. i rescheduled my art class — i really like starting new pieces, but i never enjoy the process of finishing them ;-; and i went back to church again! baptism class with lily & michael; afterward lily took yihan and me to taipan bakery and we played 20 questions and it took them like 15 questions to understand that my thing was a beverage LOLS

except lily is really good bc she guessed ‘ann’ and ‘banana nut muffin’ in like 10 questions (technically yihan and lily guessed ann but still)

saturate! this whole week has been a very unpleasant week and i felt really bitter and resentful, so i was a little glad when esther said to take a piece of paper and write down things that we’ve been struggling with, and it was a form of catharsis seeing them in a written form.

my nose kept running during the entire night, and it was really embarrassing and disgusting and how do you install a new nose :’(

actually scratch that how do you install spring in michigan

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